Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daterra Cupping at Efico

Bird, Jeff en me visiting Efico at their new offices.
Bart, our Belgian cupping champ and Laurent gave us this morning a warm welcome.
Their company is one of a kind. And with their offices now located at the Italiëlei they are even closer to Caffenation than before.

The old building is beautifully renovated and a perfect mixture of new and old architectural design.

But on to the coffee now. That's why we're here today.
Laurent and Bart prepared us a fantastic and unique table of Brazilian Daterra's :
1) Daterra Santos Sunrise RFA
2) Daterra Sweet Blue RFA
3) Daterra Sweet Yellow
4) Daterra Sweet Collection
5) Daterra Bourbon Collection
6) Daterra Bruzzi Espresso

We bought the Yellow Bourbon and Bourbon Collection before. The sweet yellow was by far our favourite, because of it's mellow sweet overall taste and smooth finish.
The Bourbon Collection had much more brightness and seems to be a winner for other than small espresso's.
Today at the table I was tasting a lot of similar characters, with the Santos Sunrise as a less balanced and sharper variant.
The Bruzzi Espresso got potential, although I don't know where they got this name from.
The Sweet Collection is the sort Coffee Collective is buying. Very nice and probably the most 'commercial' of all.
And finally I enjoyed the Sweet Blue. More acidity, but good body and clean finish to balance the cup.

Probably we're going to buy in 4 of them. Then test them thoroughly and continue with one or two for the online and shop sales.

Thanks Efico for this unique session and soon more about these coffee's on Antwerp Barista.

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