Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Long Black

Long Black
Originally uploaded by Lee Nutter
After disliking this kind of brews for a long time, I changed my mind after a Coffee Collective discussion online.
It was Klaus T himself pointing me out the exact differences between our - typical Belgian of Dutch - brew method, better known as the café creme and the Americano/Long Black recipe.

I did a couple of tests and I am stunned by the results. Yes, more detail, complexity and most of all fruitiness in this Long Black. Long Black is the most common name for this drink in Australia and New Zealand and sounds way better than Americano.

The reason of my bad experiences in the past was mostly because our beans and blends were lacking the right taste to give it a good outcome. With these very fresh and well roasted Yirgacheffe and El Salvador SHG on board of our 2008 House Blend we're ready to offer now a top class Long Black. What doesn't mean we stop testing different techniques as the one described in the above mentioned CC post.

But for now; i'll going to list it on the menu next to the classic (café creme) lungo. Long Black Lungo would be a bit of a strange name, so we'll skip the 'Long' part. Black Lungo!! Cool.

I'm looking forward to the reactions of our lungo crazy clientele.

And thanks Lee for the photo and right explanation, i owe you one.

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