Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ethiopia here i come

News of the weekend :

First the arrival of our green Daterra, yellow bourbon and collection. 48K. Curious about the first roast coming in next week or so. Soon more.

Rehearsal for Latte Art. Struggling with my sig a bit. Still doubting which coffee to take with me. Probably a single origin. Risky, but i have nothing to loose. Soon more.

Had a very hectic Jam tonight. 26 people. A tad too much, but all very motivated and happy. Soon more.

And most important : We booked our trip to origin. Ethiopia at the end of October. Pfff. Unbelievable. It took very very long, but finally i'll be able to walk through the Yirgacheffe berry trees at Origin. Soon more, much more.
But today already an interesting article with nice (Yirgacheffe) photo's in this Bloomberg article.

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