Sunday, April 6, 2008

Black Gold Movie

Teddy bought this DVD. Thanks mate.

What's this movie about?
It's about the Ethiopian coffee trade and about the poor working conditions for the local people living, although this seems not to be the right word.

Ethiopia is the birthplace and, to my opinion, still the most wonderful coffee country in the world. Yes, it's black gold ; Ethiopian coffee, but not for most of the people doing the hard work on and off the fields. It's a shame they do not get better prices!

I once spoke a girl from the Harare area, studying in Antwerp, and she told me her family had a good living from their coffee labour, so it's not misery all over the place.
And I see more and more people ready to offer better prices. And i see more and more people ready to improve working conditions and raise the general quality level what could be resulting in higher prices as well.
That's good, but it is not good enough. We all have to try harder and secure this black gold is bringing money in for every link in the chain.

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