Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Colombia COE winner La Esperanza

La Esperanza, Tolima, Colombia.
Nice when the clients bring their own merchandise along.
Jazzy Jeff had this Cup Of Excellence winner from Colombia with him.
Time to do some cupping.
Full Flavor roast said the company. Again no espresso roast, but what we were interested in was a bowl of cupable black liquid.
Direct attack on the buds. Dark Plum, little bit of citrus and very complex. Cooling down it went towards Yirgacheffe with berries. At the end we were simply drinking the bowl and that's always a good sign.

The king of espresso beans : Daterra. Troels and Thompsen already showed how good it could taste and today at Caffenation we can experience again the full bodied, sweet, pipe tobacco and clean warm finish of this fantastic Brazil.
Last year, on our first Barista Jam, Raf from TMC had some fresh home roasted Daterra with him and that was even more tasteful.
One weird thing. We had a North and South Italian style roasted bag and tasted no significant difference. Maybe a tad darker next time please?

Meanwhile it's a pity we still have to order beans like this outside the country. AKC bought some Daterra a while ago, but i'm still waiting for samples. And the other roasters.....?

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