Friday, October 5, 2007

The Coffee Collective

4 enthusiastic and very professional people started this company a couple of months ago. I tried to follow their steps on the web and it's getting interesting.

The idea is to bring top class coffee beans, masterfully roasters, to the consumer. But also to inform people about what coffee is or could be.
The website shows nicely the bond with the coffee producers at origin.

I guess this is something that interests me doing in the future as well. Going to visit the farms, see how they work and try to get the good beans over straight away, roast them, brew them and give as many people the opportunity to enjoy this liquid gold at the fullest.
Actually we're already doing so partially by offering so many blends, on well maintained machines, pulled by qualified Barista's at reasonable (read low) prices to a wide public.
I think you have to bring coffee to the people and not the other way around, and that's what the coffee collective does.
Also check out their blog for more adventures of Klaus, Peter, Kasper and Linus.

Hopefully soon Coffee Collective beans in Belgium and Antwerp.
To be continued.

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