Thursday, October 11, 2007

Championship practice : The Milk

An endless discussion : which milk and how many of it?

We all have seen that hilarious vid of James and Stephen in Tokyo, testing milk for the World Championships.
Most places in the world you can find decent milk, although most participants carry tens of litres of milk with them. I understand. I do not understand those who do the same with the water, but I understand for the milk, cause it's an important factor. Seen the fact we only have to travel half an hour, by car, we're going to take along our own milk. Normally Friesche Vlag has some ok milk in the local fridge, but this time i think we have better milk.

The red brick Inza on the right is our daily milk at Caffenation. It's the market leader in Belgium. 'Normal' milk, 3.2 fat%, very neutral and not too sweet. The other two are organic ones from the organic supermarket around the corner.
We very simply made 3 cappuccino's, each one with a different milk, and tasted them blind.

The result : Inza came way last in taste. I already knew this milk is not the tastiest, but i liked its not too prominent taste, although i have to admit on this test that the other cappu's were way better. Hm. What is the price difference...?
The other two, both 3.5 fat%, were almost identical, with a small preference for the middle pack, from Heirler Germany.
So, that's going to be the one in November ladies and gentlemen.

How many of it, i mean the volume?
Every time again the judges are begging us for more coffee taste. I always had some Wahlkure 18cl/6oz cappuccino cups, but bought me today 15cl/5oz ones from Kahla. More coffee taste with Kahla! Promised!

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