Thursday, August 9, 2007

Two bags of Stumptown

Getting the possibility to taste some coffee roasted and packed by Stumptown Coffee Roasters was like a dream come true.

Last month Sietse, from Bagels and Beans gave me a couple of leftovers. I guess Kees brought them along from the West Coast.
Thank you coffee friends.

The roast was a bit on the light side and definitely too old, but i was very happy to cup them.

The COE Brazil Serra do Bone was an explosion of fruit. A weird mix that must have bean fantastic when fresh from the farm. No wonder Stumptown payed this high price (some like$15 a pound?) for this special coffee. Although i ask myself who as a consumer is going to pay so much money (green price times 3?) for a bag of coffee, and how do they brew it?

The Ethiopia Misty Valley Idido (Yirgacheffe) must have been the best coffee i ever cupped. An incredible combination of well known Mokka's and Yirgacheffe, but with much more taste, very sweet, caramel, lemon zest, a lingering body and strong spiced chocolate aftertaste. Fantastic!

Eagerly waiting to go to Portland myself. First i had plans to fly of at the end of October, but now it looks like it's going to be Ethiopia, a visit to the birthplace of our drug.
I'll keep you posted.

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