Sunday, August 12, 2007

Holiday in Holland

I'm going to be out of office for the rest of the week.

We're staying at a farm with the kids for 4 days and nights.
It's going to be a challenge to produce some good cups i think. We have one stove. On there we need to cook the water. In my baggage i have a Bodum press and milk frother. In the tent we're sleeping they have an old fashioned hand coffee mill. Back to basics.
Still some nice Costa Rica and Mysore beans packed. Yummy.

For the rest again working at the new House blend. Found the right combination, but i'm going to wait for some more Costa Rica HTM Tournon estate to trow in the battle, before i take any decisive measures. Does this sound right?

Last week we had some Puerto Rico coffee beans. I payed a lot of money for this one, but it was worth every penny.
Very heavy body, some sweet bitter caramel, dark and complex flavors and very clean aftertaste resting on the top of the tongue. Impressive.

For September 23, i have a new Barista Jam on schedule. Geert, Bart, Lorin, Linda, Johan, Bianca and Olivier are already on the list. And Klaartje? After 3 missed opportunity's.... will she get another shot at a Jam???

Cupping events : September 17 i'm heading to Jasper in the Netherlands to cup till i drop. And at the beginning of October i want to organise a cupping night with the help of Laurent. Soon more.

So enjoy your cup of Joe without fresh posts from my side. I'll be back on Friday. Ciao.

ps : help, i'm wearing on this photo the same t-shirt as the guy below. :-) Thanks Zander.

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