Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Australian Skybury

(click on the map to enlarge and see the plantation area)

I think it's kinda weird the Australian Skybury never had some good reviews. At Hasbean they sold it with lots of success, although they thought it didn't work well on espresso, in revanche of the Australian Mountain Top.
At Sweetmaria's they go even further comparing the taste "between copy paper and plastic rappers"!! A shame, or did this new Australian Skybury crop improved at once?
I've been a fan from the first time i tasted it, that was somewhere in April.
I like the clean and well balanced taste of it. A little bit of everything and low in acidity and bitterness.
Very subtle body with a bit of strawberry and chocolate flavors.

It's a tour de force to pick the cherry's in these mountains, where they grow without the need of any chemical detergents spraying.

At Full City Roast : Espresso or lungo of the week at Caffènation. A must taste.

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