Thursday, August 23, 2007

Holiday Season

It was a fun time living like our grand parents.
Somewhere in Gelderland, the Netherlands we were camping in this nice tent.
Coffee : A bag of freshly roasted Indian Mysore.
Materials : This old fashioned but very cosy stove. A 60's Douwe Egberts wall hand grinder. A Bodum double walled French Press. A Bodum Milk Frother. A water kettle. And a small milk pan.
It all takes a bit longer than at home, but good coffee/latte it was.

And it all linked with my posts this week. Visiting Paris and writing about the all famous Esmeralda bean is just a small step. When i read this one Victor Hugo Book long ago i was deeply impressed.
I've been to Paris a dozen of times, and every time again passing by the Notre Dame cathedral my mind wonders back to this book where Quasimodo lives in his bell tower dreaming of the beautiful Esmeralda.
Today i'm dreaming of tasting the Esmeralda bean. The book is from 1831 and it's a funny coincidence how this name survives over time.
Unfortunately no good coffee in Paris. I heard about a cool roaster somewhere Jazzy Jeff picked up some (not so very fresh) beans on his visit last month, but did not have time to visit myself.

Tomorrow i'm off for a city trip to Stockholm. I suppose Esmeralda is not a very common name in Sweden....
Curious how the coffee tastes at Sostra, Caffellini or Zanzibar. And looking forward of meeting Magnus from Espressospecialisten. C u.

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