Sunday, July 1, 2007

Where is our street gone?

This is how our street Hopland looks like.
First they do the piping and later on they give us a brand new street with wider sidewalks etc...

It sounds unbelievable but we didn't pull less shots due to the works. Everybody is that addicted?

Today was the first day of Sales.
Of course the boutiques in our street were not so happy. There was visibly way less traffic because of all these works.
For us it was full house. Those first two saturdays of sales we always feel there is some extra movement within our clientele.

Espresso of the week is a 100% Kenya mixture. It's from a small coffee company from Den Bosch, Netherlands. They're called Kilimanjaro coffee and only go Fair Trade.
Mostly the Kenya is too acidic for me, but with this dark roast they give it, there is much more balance. And strenght!! Poewa, this blend kicks in!

This last photo is from some concrete the workers used for the sewer drain. I looks like they show me all respect with writing my name on it. ;)

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