Friday, July 27, 2007

Barista news

Next week is the big week you fellas.
World Barista Championship or WBC.

Monday presentation of the 50 (!) candidates.
Tuesday and Wednesday competition.
Thursday big finals, for the 6 highest scoring competitors.
Favorites? Hard to tell. I don't know who's competing for all different country's, but at a first glimpse it's Norway, Great Britain, Canada and Iceland for the title.
Here, you can click for the pdf (not complete) list.
And our Belgian participant?
Peter Deprez has been training as a madman last weeks. He's way better prepared than last year and in a good day top 20 would be fantastic. His Signature has the credo 'why not' and that's the right way of looking at it i think. His beans selection is not public yet, but i hope to have it posted soon. Or Peter can comment us directly if he wants to.
Good luck Elder, James, Rose, Tasos, Peter and others in Tokyo.
For more info : click here.

Meanwhile i'm planning my holidays for august.
En autre Paris pour un weekend, avec la byciclette au long de la Seine .
En Nederland, 4 dagen.
And Stockholm at the end of August. Curious if i can catch up with the people from Espresso Specialisten for Teflon Partafilters, Presso tamper or other Barista tools.

This week i've been drinking AKC Indian Mysore A, Tazza D'oro and Eustachius straight from Rome, Costa Rica Tournon EState HTM, Panama La Tarcoza Estate Bouquete and right now on Chemex, from Stumptown, Ethiopia Misty Valley Idido. Not a bad week uh?

Soon more posts about my coffee plant finally germinating, the Stumptown beans, Espresso Porn Pics and the fantastic Costa Rica espresso of the week.

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