Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Danger Dan at Cafe Grumpy New York.

There is only one city.
And in this city ... there's Cafe Grumpy. And sometimes Dan.

Don't forget to pay attention to :

- those two fantastic Clover machines, the first at the East Coast.

- the coffee ; a Kenyan Geisha, family from the original Ethiopian Geisha coffee bean and infamous after last two years Panama winning farm La Esmeralda had top record biddings on their bags. At the fantastic Stumptown website you can find an interesting article about this bean. Click 'Source trip', then 'Africa' and then scroll to 'Malawi : the search for the elusive African Geisha continues'.

- the New York street atmosphere. Grumpy is located at Chelsea. Unfortunately they were not yet existing the years i found shelter with the Strafella's at 16 street between 7th and 8th, but soon i'll be back for a (dangerous) coffee break at the big apple, promised!

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