Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lungo of the week : New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea Sigri is our coffee of the week.

In the title we write lungo, because the roast is on the light side to pull perfect espresso shots. Only acidity amateurs find their pleasure in drinking it short.
I hope to find a possibility to taste it at a darker roast soon, cause this year's crop of the Sigri was very well rated at our cupping table.

Mounthfeel : Strong, very pleasant, caffeine high.
Acidity : Low, woody, reminds us of the better Sumatra's.
Flavor : Also Indonesian styled, wild, ceder wood, sweet spiced nutmeg-cardamon, musky.
Aftertaste : Clean, sweet herbs.

Cupped by Noömi and Roberto, July 2 2007

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