Tuesday, April 3, 2007

How is McDonald's doing?

Friend of mine just came back from London and reported me the city was one big Starbucks, Nero, Costa Coffee and Mc Café.
I said : "Mc Café?"
Ben : "McDonald's coffee"
"Oh yes, of course" - all in dutch

They are putting incredible effort to get the people back from Starbucks to where they came from, as a matter of speaking.

The last time i was in New York i noticed already a lot of empty mc do's and packed sbucks, and that's 4 years ago. Reminding me of the Big Apple, i think it's time to visit my favourite city again.
Time for the real questions now :
Why should we go drinking coffee at McDonald's?
Do they have Barista's?
Do they serve their espresso's in a decent (no paper) cup?
Do they have sofa's?
Ever heard Miles Davis through the speakers?
Is the La Marzocco well adjusted?
Do they have the right beans?
YES, or maybe. At least they seem to put any effort in there. In the States i heard are projects with Paul Newman Coffee, who doesn't have such a bad reputation and it's a fair trade.
And now McDonald's UK has announced that it will be sourcing all of its coffee from farms certified by Rainforest Alliance (RA). All 1200 restaurants in the UK and Ireland will sell Kenco coffee, a Kraft Foods high-quality Arabica coffee containing 100 per cent RA certified beans.
I may hope they soon have positive answers on the other questions as well, international and national.
By the way : did you notice the Belgian colors on their cups?

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