Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And the Danish winner is ....

Again James and his articles on his website inspire me for writing this article.
The world Barista championship is coming closer and more and more country's present their participants. Next monday we will know the Dutch champion, but last weekend we had the Danish finals. Very important knowing this country's barista is immediately one of the favourites for the world crown.

1. Lene Hylddahl (695 points)
2. Soren Stiller (644 points)
3. Marianna Jonsdottir (590 points)

For the first time ever we got a female winner in Denmark.
Lene is owner of the 'Behag Din Smog' espresso bar and works with a by Dupont roasted Estate Blend, worldwide known as the roaster who helped Klaus Thompsen win the WBC in 2006 . Estate coffee is taken over the number one position Kontra had for several years.
The weird thing with both roasters is that i prefered Estate when i was in Denmark, but at home i had way better results with the Kontra mixture.

Congrats Lene and good luck in Tokyo.

For more information and photo's about the Danish championship :
(Flickr photo by King Seven)

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