Thursday, April 19, 2007

Faema E91

As we look at our current Faema E91 (3-group) i ordered a new one today. The same, but new.
Why Faema? What makes the E91 so special?

At the beginning of the 90's, Faema appointed Giugiaro Design to create a product which could recall the prestige and success of a legendary model in Faema's industrial history : the E61. Advanced technology with extra attention on steaming, temperature control and reliability, that was the goal, and so the E91 came to light.

Today Faema introduces E91 Ambassador SE (Special Edition), but that machine review is for next month.
Our old, revised, E91 is a very strong and reliable work horse. And the company Faema is an ideal partner for those who look for good professional advice and follow up.
There is very limited electronics and no digital stuff, great! It all sounds wonderful to hear what those new machines can do, but the more they can, the more they break down.
At the same time we live in Belgium. With all those lungo and tea drinkers we can use a big boiler, and 17,5 liters is big. It's also thanks to this big boiler that we got this steady temperature. As long as we flush well before every shot, i see very little temperature fluctuations.
The biggest disadvantage i see is the steaming part. Due to the incredible power, getting microfoam is quite a challenge. Now Ronny (Faema's rep for Antwerp) gave me some new steaming tips to do some testing. I'm curious and keep you guys informed.

To finish of i want to give you our daily credo :
We do our best, and Faema does the rest. (free translation of the dutch : "We doen ons best en Faema doet de rest".

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