Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Belgian Aeropress Championship is celebration it's 5th anniversary!!!

And this on March 15. That's a Sunday.

And we'll do a day full of coffee fun.

We open the joint around 10 for all competitors (27) to start training.

At 11 we have a meeting with judges and competitors about the rules and the planning of the event.

At noon we start competing :
9 legs of 3 pressers.

Then 3 semi finals of 3 pressers.

Then 1 final with 3 pressers.

The end should be around 16h.

We'll have black coffees and beers and some food.

The competitors pay a €20 entrance fee. This guarantees them of a price.

There are serious prizes for top 3 participants.
With a Seattle flight for the winner, if this person is willing to represent the country at the next World Championships in this city at the beginning of April. (in between 9 & 12).

Sponsors of this years event are Limarc Coffee Hardware, 32 Coffee Merchants, Coffee Hit online shop, Aerobee.

3 judges will come down all the way from The Netherlands.

On this moment there are still a couple of spots available for those interested....
mail me

Later on we'll announce the coffee, rules and names of competitors

CU there.

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