Thursday, February 5, 2015

Coffee Reviews

There are dozens of places where they review coffees, but the worlds best known is

Except for a rare exception we talk of course about Single Origin Coffees.

They review a lot of coffees, but only US roasted stuff.
I also think their scores are a tad too high to be true, but it gives already an idea about the beans.

And countries.

If you look at their Top 30 of last year we notice Ethiopia and Kenya with 7 entries each. Duh! Just what we expect, and for European roasters who get their hands easier and faster on those African 'gems' we would percentage wise probably see even more of them.
Panama, Nicaragua and Colombia scored well last year, and this could be right. We noticed great crops in these country's, while Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala and others had not their best year.

Nice to see one Brazil in there, Fazenda Rainha, exactly the one Brazilian Fazenda we liked most this year. Their Pulped Naturals are rated very highly by us, although this one was a natural!!

Here a link to our fav coffees of last year.

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