Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Top 5 Coffees of 2014

Yearly we list the best coffees we roasted and brewed.
It was a great year with 40 different Single Origin Coffees!!! We are proud we serve this wide variety of beans and flavors. We don't like to eat the same food all the time, or drink the same wines every week; change keeps the appetite high we think.

It's not always easy to keep the quality high though, with such a diversity, but after lots of years of practicing we get it in our fingers. And the help of all those hard working Ethiopians. In 2013 we only bought 1 grade 1 screening, now we had plenty and this you can taste.

Ton loads of fantastic Ethiopian this year!!! 12 in total, with 11 from the 13/14 crop. That's one a month and totally deserved. Even more, we don't understand why other roasting company's buy a lot of more expensive, but average, 'Centrals' in stead of a washed Yirgacheffe or Sidamo coffees. Even conventional labeled Yirgacheffes cupped higher than some award winning Central or South American coffees!
And Kenya on filter of course. Nothing beats the bright fruity cups from Nyeri or Kirinyaga.

For the upcoming year we heard a lot of good on the Ethiopia and Kenya crop, so expect to get us going into the same direction.
This year Rwanda and Burundi beans seem to suffer less from potato disease, and the latest Brazils and Colombian look very promising.

FILTER TOP 5 OF 2014 :
1) Kenya Nyeri Gikirima : Super clean, tomato acidity, melon and of course sweet sweet sweet.
2) Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Grade 1 : Silky, caramel, chocolate, prunes, what a coffee!
3) Kenya Kirinyaga Kiangoi : Sweet citrus, mandarin, raw sugar with a touch of vanilla
4) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado grade 1 : Perfectly balanced cup with florals and chocolate notes
5) El Salvador Ilamatepec Finca Fatima : A sweet crowd pleaser

1) Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Grade 1 : coffee of the year.
2) Indonesia Tana Toraja Washed PB : Sesame, prune, hazelnut, plenty of body and spices.
3) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Microlot Moplaca Natural : body and sweetness, butter and honey. Fruity
4) Colombia Huila Iquira Castillo : Very creamy and clean cup. Now in our Mr LGB Winter!
5) Costa Rica Tarrazu Monte Canet Estate : Full bodied clean cup with notes of marsepan.
split with El Salvador Finca La Alpina Pacamara : mighty big bean with smoked accent and a chocolate undertone

Who want to read more about all of these coffees, best click here to discover more about most of our coffees from the last 26 months.

And to keep you at the front end of your seat :
Next upcoming Ethiopian coffee and base for Mr LGB Winter 2 :
Ethiopia Sidamo Korate Grade 1  : pipe tobacco, subtle acidity, waffles and mild

and again a Burundi Cup Of Excellence coffee, yes!

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