Friday, October 25, 2013

What's the best Espresso Cup?

Those who follow me on twitter
noticed my enthousiasm on an espresso served at Panorama, Gent, last week.

It was a 4cl shot. Made with a 20 grams of LGB espresso. Running time appr 27 seconds. (didn't weight it wet).
Chris used the naked portafilter on a classic Linea machine at 91,5 degrees (i guess) and an Anfim Super Caimano grinder.

Back behind our Linea PB Saturday I tried to copy the flavor and noticed too many sours.

After thinking back at all the variables I decided to change cups.
We usually use these cups :

A doppio espresso cup I would call them.
Looks good, tastes good.

6 months ago Chris and I were able to buy in a big load of Nuova Point tulips. He already used them, but I never gave them a real chance, upto now.
Oh my god! Gone was the metalic start and thin body. Welcome moderate acidity, siropy mouthfeel and full lingering body. And an after taste never to forget.

I knew after 10 years in the business that there was still a lot to learn, but a change in flavor between two solid made cups, being so enormous.....

Of course it's not only with the small tulips the espresso tastes this good.
The Verona espresso cups from D'Ancap were great as well, but then the more open and wider cap cups again didn't work out.

We keep on  using the doppio cups for macchiato's, so everyone who wants to taste the difference in between the two may walk in and test the two cups side by side.
C u at the bar.

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