Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Menu with Chocolate Coffees

For the first time ever our Black Coffee list is longer then the one with milk.
At least if we look at the warm drinks. (Still a lot of iced latte stuff on the back of the menu)

We offer 2 espresso's. All served as a (double) 4cl shot. This is classic.
First one is the one we pull from our main blend, the Little Green Bag. It's the base for most of our milk drinks as well. In the past we had our problems to achieve the highest level as a clean shot, but this year the blend rocks without milk as well!

Second espresso is the weekly one. Mostly 'Single Estate' coffees with a story. It's not our goal to offer the best coffee. That's not possible, since everybody has different opinions and taste buds. Our ambition is to offer coffees from around the globe with specific tastes. That's fun and it also helps people to understand where the coffee comes from and what complexity it has.

Then we have 3 espresso's with chocolate.
It's Single Origin Chocolade. For me this type of chocolate comes, from all food and drinks on earth, closest to the complexity and flavours of single origin espresso.
We have 1 from Ecuador on which we add some cinnamon.
Then we have Madagascar chocolate with wild pepper from the same isle. Stunning.
And the 3rd one is Milk Chocolate with fleur de sel and coconut blossom sugar, tasting a bit like caramel.

Of course we still serve our filters : One from Kenya and a second one as Filter of the week.

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