Saturday, November 26, 2011

LGB 4.2

New Little Green Bag Blend :
2/3 Brazil Carmo De Minas Isidro Pereira Estate Pulped Natural Peaberry Fair Trade
1/3 Malawi Mzuzu Geisha

We missed some creamyness in the 4.1. and hope the Mzuzu is doing a better job on mouthfeel.

This coffee was espresso of the week already in May and June and also filter of the week a couple of times.
While the Mzuzu aged a bit we notice a little loss in flavor on the filter roast, but extra body on espresso. We noticed before that with aging, some coffees may improve. Unfortunately it brings in a bit of extra woodyness, but not really disturbing with this Geisha.

Proces : Washed

Variety : Geisha

Altitude : 1600 meter

Country : Malawi

District : Mzuzu

Regio : Nkhata Bay Highlands


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