Saturday, July 2, 2011

Maastricht Coffee Brewing (by Jeff)

First this photo from the yearly Sausage Board of Management Meeting (Bert, Thomas and Rob were excused; myself behind the cam). Welcome new member and Secretary of State Charlene.

Last week was intense for the caffenation roasting crew.
Bert, Roeland, Jeff and special guest roaster Kees Kraakman to spend special attention for the filter roasts in preperation for Maastricht. On the menu: Kenia Mwiria Estate, Indonesia Sumatra Mena Gold, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Bagersh, Ethiopia Sidamo and a Tanzania Ngila Estate. After a head to head roast and blind cupping Kees was tied with the Caffenation team. By comparing the different profiles used there was much to be learned. For example the Mwiria was entered at totally different temperatures, thus 1st crack occured at a minute difference! What we tasted was more freshness and brighter acidity in Kees' roast resulting in overall better mouthfeel. The Kenia peaberry, grown at high altitude 1800+ was to our amazement a very soft bean! Needless to say we selected the best of the roasts to brew with in maastricht.

We were designated a small stand in "the village" a new concept from the scae to give a chance for small roasters or companies to exibit themselves. A boatload of brewing material and knowledge was shipped to Maastricht.
Our weapons on the brewing table:
-Hario v60 manned by brewguru Roeland
-Hario woodneck flanel sock
-Hario syphon
-Aerobie Aeropress
-Temp hacked hario bueno kettles
-Compak R80
-Bodum boiler
-De ranke bitter xx and saison dottignes, in the fridge.
-Sharp-777 disco light edition boombox.

The aeropress was a big hit instantly, with lots of curious stares, strange that a great device like that is still not known that well...almost all brews were excellent.
Next ... I was never a great fan of the flanel sock and syphon, I quickly found out I was wrong. The Kenia Mwiria was excellent on bolth, armed with a sharp reliable grinder and a course grind, a bit courser than paper filter, bolth came out super clean, juicy, and bright. While the cloth sock gave more balance and deeper citrus flavours: pomelo and orange, the syphon brewed lime and white flowers. The Indonesia was successful on v60, it brought out cedar , some dewdrop, thyme and damp soil.
A great deal of experimenting was done the whole of the 3 days, we like to thank everybody for their input and enthousiasm!

Jeff, Caffenation Head Roaster.

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