Sunday, July 24, 2011

George Baker Tour : Stage 1, Kaffee-Ine

Last week I had a 3 hour Barista run at Kaffee-ine Mechelen.

It was a lot of fun to share the stage with front man Yves.
This bar opened a couple of months ago and has already a big fan base.

Remarcable was the popularity of all iced coffee's.
Also Take Away coffee seems to be a normal thing in Mechelen.

This tour is not only marketing, but also a study of ergonomics and procedures. Yves is a rookie Barista and there's still some progress to make, but undoubtely this man got all the energy and talent to serve the best coffee in Mechelen.
We're also still working on the tuning of the La Marzocco : Temp adjustment, correct volumes and pimping baskets and steam tips. Check!
New (brown) cups are coming and the winter menu is in the making.

Good job Yves, the Little Green Bag is in good hands with you ; keep up the good work.

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