Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photo Diary

This photo is a close up of a bag of Tanzania coffee. I bought 3 big bags in the beginning of February and only had them at our place at the end of June.
The big problem is the beans are loosing a lot of quality waiting to be shipped. Temperatures in the bags can go up to 50°c.
After they are stocked in the sun for 1 or 2 months - this is not exceptional! - we're receiving a degrated coffee, compared to the pre shipment sample.
Also cargo traffic may take long. A container from Papua for example has 45 days on the seas before hitting the Antwerp harbour. Nothing good, but also nothing to do about it.

Still a stellar cup though. Nice fruity notes, well balanced, crisp and clean.

This was a Party with a capital 'P'. Unfortunately I had to leave early one because of my busy scedule. (watch the Simon Boone Sausage sticker right below!)

Every year we try to score the winning WBC coffee. I wasn't so sure about this year's bean, cause we have so much stock already. Then I saw by accident this sticker on our Electricity cabinet this week. It shows that we roasted the Illusion last year in September. 3rd wave Specialty roasting company we are. ;-)

It's a while ago we saw those boxes, but here they are again.
Time for the Daterra Bruzzi espresso. We needed an easy to roast bean with good strenght and body. This one displays these characteristics really well and could be a perfect match with the mighty Yirg. To be continued.

The Ethiopian Mokka Harrar has been a very important bean for Caffenation since the day we started.
And every year again we're looking forward to the new crop. It took a bit longer this year, but here they are.
The picking/screening was not the best. It takes us 15 minutes a batch to pick the underdeveloped beans out of the cooling tray, but it's worth the effort. And it makes us feel a bit closer to those doing the same at origin.
First espresso's of the 2011 Harrar have been a big hit. People think it's our best ever. Big body, berry-like acidity, winey, wild and a little earthy.
The idea is to have this one at the shelf at every LGB Caffenation powered bar, so soon somewhere near you.....

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