Friday, June 17, 2011

Espresso Bar Run : Café Labath Gent

My main man Thomas has his own bar : Café Labath.
Of course I'm the right person to judge cause I deliver the goodies (LGB as the main stuff), but this man is a real pro and pleasure to work with.

The location : great.
The equipment : Big La Marzocco F80 3-group with Teflon, 3 big Anfims, 1 really big Compak R120!, a Bunn ICB brewer, all slow coffee tools/brewers, ACF cups, ....

The staff : he has Valentine and Isabelle with a new gifted girl behind the bar.
The attitude : pro

Never saw a start up in Belgium with so much potential as Café Labath.
First spro, the day before opening tasted great.
Let's rock this town Thomas.
Good luck at : Oude Houtlei 1.

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