Monday, May 23, 2011

Kenya AA Top Mwiria Peaberry

Mwiria Coffee Factory is located almost right on the Equator.
It produces almost 700 000 kgs of coffee per annum, or 11700 bags of coffee per year.
From this production, about 8500 bags are carefully selected by experts which forms the main grade.

Mwiria factory is named after an an incredible very huge indigenous tree which existed on the
factory grounds some 300 years ago. It had an average diameter of 13.79 metres
And a height of above 50 metres.
During the colonial times, the freedom fighters had dug a huge hole inside this tree which
served as both a shelter and a hideout from the colonialists.
During the grand opening of Mwiria factory which was done by the first president of this
country, who was also among the freedom fighters, he named the factory “MWIRIA”
meaning “huge”
It is some few kilometers from the tarmac and on the shores of the famous clean river
“Rupingazi”which is characterized by hard deep black volcanic rock flowing right from
It is situated on the slopes of Mt. Kenya about 21 kilometers from the thick green Mt. Kenya
forests. It. offers a very clear view of the beautiful Mt. Kenya ice and snow.

Our Peaberry Mwiria is from Embu District. It's picked at a level of 1800 to 1900 metres above the sea level. The soil type is deep, red volcanic loams and the bourbon beans are sun dried.

This is a stunning coffee!
The sweet acidity sparkles on the palate. Crisp lemon, raspberry, and orange marmalade are featured. And thanks to the Peaberry type, it's well rounded with a soft finish.

We offer the Kenya as our Filter of the week from Thursday on at €6/250 grams. A steal!

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