Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aeropress Recipe by the Dutch Champ

These 3 guys (Marc-Berringe, Jeff-Caffenation and Barend-Golden Coffee Box) picked Kees Kraakman his recipe above all other.
The reason? It just gave the Colombian a cleaner and sweeter taste.
Marc and Jeff thought it was the best by far, so time to post the recipe.

Reverse the Aeropress
- 10 grams of coarse (French Press) ground
- 180 grams of water at 85 Celsius
- pour hard in the beginning to wet all the coffee
- give it a 3 minute rest
- break the crust by stirring it 3 times
- rinse the filter with warm water
- crew on the filter cap and press relatively slow in a pre warmed cup
- stop pressing just before the 'hissing' sound

I couldn't believe this man was using only 10 grams of coffee.

So I took my bag of Coffee Collective Kenya AA Top Kieni Nyeri Direct Trade to try.

I surely missed some body and depth, but the fruity acidity came out wonderfully. Maybe not the best recipe for a morning cup, but perfect for an afternoon or evening brew.
Very well done Kees. Never used such a simple and cheap Aeropress method.

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