Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Espresso Bar Run : Elbgold Hamburg

I was always wondering where all the good German espresso bars would be. On my last trip to this wonderful Hamburg city I found one : Elbgold.

Located at the Lagerstrasse 34C - pffff, hard to find - they roast and brew a wholelottacoffee.

Check out the equipment :
Slayer 3 group!!
Bunn ICB Brewer
Bunn Trifecta Brewer
4 Mahlkonig K30 grinders
1 big boy Mahlkonig grinder
1 big boy Bunn boiler
15 big boy coffee silos for all their blends and singles
All slow coffee tools

And at the coupled Roastery a big boy refurbished (?) 45 K Probat. Oh my!
And a 12K Probat - as mentioned at their website, although i didn't spot this one.

I tasted a Rwanda Cup Of Excellence on Aeropress. Not the best roast (espresso roast I suppose) and maybe not the best technique (he didn't want to show me - weird) but of course still a decent cup with good body and dark berries.

I heard the German Barista CC were held here a couple of weeks ago. Excellent location. This space is big, stylish and breaths the right atmosphere for such an event.
Unfortunately the atmosphere for a single visit was not so great while I was there. Very boring lounge music, only a dozen of coffee (mostly Latte) drinkers in this huge space and a no buzz at all. With very cosy and busy streets a couple of blocks down the street they maybe should open a more lively bar overthere. They have the staff, the coffees, the experience and probably the money to do so. ....

So, even while this wow experience was coupled with a 'sleepy' atmosphere, this is a bar you should really run into when visiting Hamburg : Elbgold!

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