Friday, May 21, 2010

Slow Bar Open Now

New menu in the shop.
Biggest change in our 7 years of existance is the opening of our Slow Bar. You can drink our Filter/Press coffee of the week on either V60 - 35cl at €3,4 or Aeropress - 30cl at €3,2.

To start with we offer this sublime Kenia Tinganga Estate. Recommanded on V60.

This Slow Bar also means the dead of the 'lungo', or the classic Belgian coffee.
It's going to be a tough task converting all those 'regular' coffee drinkers, but all taste comparisons of the same bean between a cup from the espresso machine or filter have been won by the filter coffee. Yes, all of them.

In fact, it's bloody simple. An espresso machine is developed to make espresso's. Still possible is to order Long Blacks, or 2 espresso's on top of hot water, but there it all ends.

For those curious about our newest brews, and hopefully all our regulars will be like that : first thing you see when entering the shop is our Slow Bar. Stop! Order your Filter or Press of the week. Sip it. Enjoy!
Thank you for your support dear coffee lover.

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