Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Anfim Super Caimano Barista Model

We've been very fond with the grinders Anfim has been delivering over the past 2 years.
With the delivery of the newest Barista model we didn't know that the best was yet to come.

People all over the world - count in a couple of world champions - have been modifying their Super Caimano with a timer.
It took a while, but finally the Anfim factory offered one by theirself.

This Super Caimano Barista is Anfims top model grinder. Ideal for higher volume locations.

Features include an Omron Digital timer. Omron are pretty much the best digital timers out there, easy to adjust time on the fly. Cooling Fan. Purge Button. and the new Anfim Adjustment collar.

The feeling of the hopper is even better then before and the accuracy unbelievable. With the 'old' grinder on demand we had a .25 gram varience. This new one is doing even better!

If you count in all these features, together with their Titanium Blades and rock solid engine, €1300 (excl VAT) is a very attractive price.

For those who need to pull single shots as well ; have a look at the 'old' SC On Demand, but with hopper. The build-in-timer is ok. This model doesn't have a cooling fan, so less attractive for big bars. € 1200 is off course very sharp.

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