Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BBC '09 : The Sequel

I hope to end all the talking and gossip with this (hopefully) final post about this years Belgian Championship.

It's just hard for us to loose after the endless hours of hard work.
We just didn't make it.
There are reasons for that of course.
I made judgemental and tactical mistakes in the preparation and Roeland made mistakes on stage. Of course this happens, certainly with a rookie at the wheel.

For me it's a very bitter pil to swallow that our (Caffenation and all our professional and non professional clients) taste buds do not correspond with those of the jury last Monday.

I hope people stop shooting at me for this opinion.
I never told we are the best ; it was just my feeling that we were worth to be in the finals.

I'm only human and as I told before ; I took my conclusions and decided to withdraw from competition as an active trainer/competitor.
Afraid to loose again in the future? Probably, but most of all tired of fighting.

It were very heavy but learnable years. Lot's of ups and downs.
I made some wonderful friends and learned a lot.
I can recommend participation to everyone and hope future Championships are going to be as successful as the past ones.

Good luck to everybody in the finals. Good luck to Jeanne and her team, and may the 'best' Barista(team) win.

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