Saturday, August 15, 2009

San Francisco Coffee

Gerrit and his friend are back in town to dance for 'our' Ballet Van Vlaanderen.
Actually San Francisco is their hometown.
One of my dreams is to go their to see some good bars and taste their coffee's.

Oh lord I was happy when they brought along some goodies from San Fran this week.
Two Blue Bottle bags, One from Fourbarrel and a last one from Ritual. This Ritual Sundae Espresso Blend was a very full bodied drink. A bit comparable to the Stumptown Hairbender but not so brutal.
Then Blue Bottle's first was 17 Valley I think. Tasted like it contained a bit of robusta. Not as good as the Ritual, but still a very good cup.
The other two bags or for Saturday. If you're at Hopland fast enough you can taste them....

Meanwhile Apetown's art work is not getting the attention it deserves. Is this the reason he looks so offensive on this photo?

And a self portrait.
No, I wasn't drunk.

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