Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cafelat Pitcher & Tamper

Finally some Cafelat stuff on the counter.
Espresso West is doing the online distribution.
We do like the pitchers. Metal is thin, design is fantastic and prices ok. But also dis advantages. Pouring asks a special grip, because the handle is too far away from the pouring mouth, you have to put your fingers on the top of the pitcher. For those who're looking for more and finer leaves in the rosetta, this pitcher could give you some extra help.

A question to pitcher manufacturers : why do we so often find 0,4 l and 0,7 liter pitchers and not so many 0,5 and 0,6 liter pitchers? Steaming with a 0,4 is dangerous. With a 0,7 you quickly texture too much milk for 2 cappuccino's.

The new Cafelat tamper line looks fantastic. Pillar, Nikka, Drop and Royal are the names.
They seemed to be a bit heavy to me. Lately I'm very concerned for my Barista's to crack the coffee puck while tapping the sides of the filter baskets. Most of them are still used to tap the baskets. With the Coffee Consulate tampers there's no risk and with this rubber Cafelat Pillar Tamper we want to keep it like that.
Problem is the very flat top of the base. We're not used to it. I like to have Barista's personalise their techniques. They have to since every person is different. Dieter his hands for example are double the size of Katriens. Dieter sticks with a rock solid Reg Barber, lots of pressure and a tick and double twist technique. Katrien prefers the smallest CC, high dose, 15K with a tick and small twist.
Result of the test : nobody took the Cafelat as a personal tamper. This doesn't mean it's a bad tamper though.
Coffee Consulate Profi tampers still recommended. Very well priced and a fantastic result in the cup. For sale at KOFCA or CC.

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