Monday, August 31, 2009

Humphries on the Roll

Daniel Humphries ; an Intelligentsia man in Brooklyn is on the roll with his blog. It was 3 weeks ago I read his last post about the Guatemalan Huehuetenango beans. He is not known for a lot of internet activity, but look ; at once he's throwing in almost a post a day.
Definitily check it : click here.

Keep up the good work Daniel and hope to meet up soon.

Also a good read is Hoffmann's post about Natural Processed coffee's. People who read my blog from time to time or spoken with me about my favourite Specialty's know I'm a huge fan of these Naturals. The natural Yirgacheffe's, Sidamo's, Limu's and Harrar's I've been drinking were all very exciting and totally my cup of 'tea'.
James was talking about that certain 'barnyard' smell/taste you often encounter while drinking these coffee's. I have to admit I like that. Also for cheeses and wine I'm a big fan of those deep, sweaty, earthy tastes. Mixed with tons of fruits the naturals contain (of course because of their processing technique that keeps some 'berry flesh' covering the bean) it's my favourite type of coffee bean/processing technique.

Hope taste some more soon and have some at Caffenation one of the months.

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