Friday, July 3, 2009

Cuptasting Bart and Ben. Belgium 3rd Nation!

In preparation for my second cuptasting competition a couple of months ago I went to Efico for some training.
On that occasion Bart VanSanden was showing his skills. He was champion the year before and looking stronger then ever.
On the championships I had the honour to compete with him at the same table for the first round. Unfortunately he over classed me and took his second ring later on. (on this photo you can see bart, me and in the back Peter Hernou - memorable picture actually).

This Sunday he was in the arena for the world title.
I have to admit that there was only one other competitor I knew and that was Ben Kaminsky. Repeatedly reading his articles on the Barismo blog he came into the press as the first US cuptasting champion in Atlanta and a couple of weeks ago he became second in the Oslo at the Aero Press championships.

I was happy to meet him Saturday eve after my award winning when Stephen Morrisey presented me to him.
A good looking gifted youngster with coffee knowledge and buds to be jealous after.

At the finals Bart ended 2nd and Ben 4th. A big congrats to both of them.
Next links gives you photo's and the name of the winner :

Meanwhile we(Belgium) became 3rd in the overall Nation ranking. Unbelievable how such a small country can become big in such a short notice.

When I was on stage speeching after winning the award, I told the audience my believe was we all have to keep on fighting for better coffee and a better atmosphere in espresso bars.
And I think this should be the message after all these prices and top results at championships and SCAE shows. We do participate at championchips not for the prices, but for bringing specialty coffee at the surface and under the nose of everyone in our country. The photo coupled in the press articles (seen at one of the comments of the past post) this week in Flemish news papers of a stupid cup of coffee with whipped cream next to title of Peter winning the Latte Art championship tells enough - ridiculous. There's still a lot of work to be done, with or without new titles or top results at championships.

That's it for this years championships. En avant marche pour Londres 2010! Santé!

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