Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alexander Van Merle meets Johan & Nyström

Every week a different Roast of the Week and every other week a new artist in our WEHTMMM art project.

As Roast of the week we had at the beginning of this month an incredible Ethiopian Limu. Deep chocolate and punch.
This week we have the Burundi again. A tad darker then last time and it feels like it does justice to this African. Deep herbs and a pronounced sweet peas taste. Fine roasted nuts in the finish. Happy.
In between we were proud to have a kilo of Johan & Nyström (I know the mirror drawing wasn't my best). Of course it only lasted a day, but those who tasted their Isola Blend still remember. A Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil and Indian Robusta blend. Top notch. Johan & Nyström roasted this year the Beloya and Daterra Reserved for Swedish champ T Björklund.
I remember this Specialty Coffee Roaster from my Stockholm visit. This time it was Jozo D who brought along a bag.
Next person who's passing by Swedenborgsgatan 7 ..... one bag for the Antwerp Barista please.

Normally tomorrow we have a classic one : Kontra Espresso Blend. This blend was the base for our House Blend almost 3 years ago. The current one has no more Yirgacheffe or African beans, but is still a must taste. Friday and Saturday at Hopland.

I'm meanwhile dreaming of cupping new Copenhagen roasts Jeff brought along this week. And then we're talking Panama La Esmeralda, Ethiopia Aricha Yirgacheffe and other prime cuts!!!! Maybe Sunday eve?

Next week we have a brand new El Salvador Pacamara as a roast of the week. Other new arrivals are organic coffee's from Dominican Republic and Bolivia. Big week!

What Ever Happened To Mr Marlboro Man :

Alexander Van Merle is the man who is responsible for this very original work of art. It fits really well in the space. I hope this can be an extra reason to visit us the next two weeks. If you're afraid for too many people; come in the mornings. During summer it is relatively calm between 9 and noon. And isn't the coffee tasting better earlier on the day?

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