Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tim Wendelboe & Caffènation News

I was a bit disappointed by the general level of coffee blogs this year. James (Jimseven) is having a couple of big top quality posts every month, but most other blogs in my link list are having a tough time it looks like.
So scrolling through my bookmarks for more blog news...
And as a couple of times before this year I read interesting stuff on Tim Wendelboe's site/blog. News from the Panama Esmeralda auction, the Aeropress championship and a couple of other things online and therefor he gained himself a spot on my link list.

Tired of working 13 (thirteen!) hours today.
Having funky looking beans as our Roast of the Week : A Brazil Caracoli. Cupping today was very good. Cleanest Brazilian we had this year, although the cooling down could have been better.

Our Burundi is a success. Mostly surprised by the fantastic crema this coffee's producing. Very nice texture!

And testing some new milk.
We recently changing to Campina/Stabilac. We used the 'regular' UHT bricks, but the plastic bottles Or Gent was using were surprising us. Very sweet - almost fresh - tasting milk. So, a good motivation to do the test ourselves.
And sweet it is. More difficult to obtain perfect microfoam and therefor less decorative latte art, but we should go for the taste, isn't it?

That's it for today and this weekend.
Happiness is a warm puck. See you on Monday or Tuesday.

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