Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week Diary

Some good latte art at Hopland and Oever last weeks. What to think about this quatro? All in one go, with one pitcher!

Our House Blend is on its prime I think. With equal parts of Yirgacheffe, Sigri, El Alvador SHG and some Brazil the taste is very exciting. All aspects come out very well in the palate. The combination of tastes is great and the finish has never been so joyful.

After savouring one clean shot on my arrival Monday morning I had to go to the Color Copy shop for our new Oever menu (now at Oever 18 - come over and taste the Turbo Konijn) and passed by the Antwerp Illy shop.
Last year they changed location and are now situated besides of the National Bank. I never was so found of the espresso at their former address and was curious to see if something changed. Finally they have their espresso at the right temperature, but the overal result was still disappointing. The crema shows lots of air bubbles and was very thin. And the taste too dirty and one dimensional. They yell out very loud of using nothing but Arabica, although you don't taste it here.
A suggestion : Drag the Della Corte-Mahlkönig set up from the 1st floor training room to the bar, maintain it, keep the extractions in hand and you'll see some wonderful results brothers. Then I'll come back. Good luck Barry.

The Burundi is ok on espresso, but nothing more than that. I think I gonna use the rest of the Burundi in a mix with some left over Zambia, Cameroun and the best African blender called Yirgacheffe. Next month on the menu.

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