Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NYC Cupping Night

Nice bunch of people for our New York City Cupping Night.
Some of the best beans the New York coffee scene has to offer, combined with a (commercial) Colombian, a Has Bean Brazil (our roast) and two Caffenation singles.

First we were pulling shots from Cafe Grumpy's Heartbreaker espresso blend, roasted by NOVO.
Great, deep chocolate tasting espresso's with a super clean finish!!
And the Gimme Coffee blend called Piccolo Mondo Fair Trade Organic Blend. Good, but a tad less exciting.

At the cupping table :
Has Bean Fazenda Ingleterra Special Toca Da Onca Canario, roasted by Jean. Pure Madness. So detailed and complex our head was spinning with most surprising subtle fruity tones. And very mild. A pleasure to drink, drink and keep on drinking. Thanks again Stephen.
From Stumptown we had a Ethiopian Sidamo called Mordecafe and a Indonesian Sumatra Gayo Mountain. Top at the cupping table, but the most surprizing thing was the Ethiopian showing different faces on every different brew. A big lemon bomb on Americano espresso, nice but a bit light as iced coffee and very very good on Eva Solo. That last one was the best drink of the evening for me.
There was another Grumpy bag. Santuario Colombia Helicarias, roasted by Intelligentsia. Not bad, but cooling down it lacked some of the sweetness we are used from most Colombians at this price range.
Unfortunately the Gimme bags, Panama Hartman Honey and Nicaragua COE Linda Vista, were roasted for espresso and (of course) disappointed at the cupping table. On this very moment our clients can savour them as espresso's of the week (or day). What a treat!

We finished with our Latest Sul De Minas and Sigri AA and a bag of Juan Valdez Norte de Santiago from Colombia.

Great eve!
Thanks Jeff for leaving your clothes in NY and taking these and other coffee bags with you.

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