Monday, March 9, 2009

Michael Phillips USBC Champ

Michael Phillips, working for Intelligentsia Chicago, took the title in Portland at the USBC.
He wasn't the favourite. And he wasn't Intelligentsia's front man. But his fluent presentation and fantastic coffee's build with his single origin Bolivian Anjinalaka made the difference.

The general level at this championship was probably the best we've ever seen at any championship, resulting in very high scores. The 730 points from Phillips tells enough.

Interesting things to see were the complex signature drinks the competitors made. The 'liquid swords' drink from 3rd placed Scott Lucey gives me inspiration for a future competition.

From what I saw Devin Pedde was the most spectacular show with a single Yirgacheffe bean, going for very fruity and acidic espresso, strawberry jam cappuccino's and a signature drink with the help of the judges. He had a very interactive show, but I guess it went wrong with the cappuccino's. As I told in earlier posts, the judges rate the cappuccino's on the taste and want enough foam. Michael Phillips had less spectacular drawings, but he took the title.....

Congrats Mike & c u in Atl.

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