Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News Feb 4

2009 has been a busy year so far. It took off with a flying start. And with all plans I have for the next months, it will even go faster, so remain seated.

Working very hard at the new menu. Normally this comes out in the month of May, but I'm planning to launch it a lot earlier this year.
With the first warm weather expected for March, it would be nice to have our new, flashy menu printed and ready to hand out.
Just finished a long phone call with Luc from Routin syrup's. Have some freaky idea's with his chili and cherry syrup. Hot & Sweet & Iced newcomers to be expected!
One other reason to print new menu's is the new milk we buy in since 2 weeks. A whole 3.6 fat% milk with better texturing possibility's and a sweeter taste.

Today my new 30 kilo(!!) kitchen blade arrived. Now it's just a matter of days before the ESW guys come over to install the La Marzocco. It's about time.

Espresso of the week is a sweet Sul de Minas do Brasil. Normally I'll always write, when it comes to coffee, Brazil with a 'z', but to pleasure Stijn I'll write it with an 's' this time.

And last but not least, working hard to launch the online shop. Soon more.....

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