Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grand Ma's Filter Brewer

In bought some very old filters a while ago.
The ones that my grand mother used between WW I and II. (joking).
No, it's very old silver ware from Durobor. This company is still producing all kind of glasses, but no coffee filters sets anymore.
The one that comes closest is the 'Filtre Belgique' from Bodum. And that's the one I want to start selling at our online shop.

In general I'm not so found of filter coffee. It's lacking detail and complexity, but these flat filters do better.
It does not need more than 5 grams of coffee, so very economic. The grind is medium.
Then you pour over a bit hot water (plus minus 90 degrees) to let the coffee bloom for half a minute. Then you fill up the filter. The trick is to get a very slow drip. I try to stretch it all up to 3 minutes and then you get this full strong detailed taste.

The advantages compared to conical filters : It drips slower, what gives more taste. You don't need a filter, which is not only cheaper in product ; you don't need to rinse the paper filter before brewing either. The pouring technique is easier. You need less coffee.

The advantages compared to the French Press : It's cheaper. It's easier. With the press you have the big disadvantage you press through all bad elements of your ground, with the filter .... you filter it.

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