Sunday, January 25, 2009

Home Brewing Training

Good news for all Antwerp and other Flemish coffee amateurs. Soon I'll start up some Home Brewing classes at Caffenation.
Since I get bored of giving those Non Pro Barista Jams, I was seeking for a new challenge. Home Brewing classes could be the answer.

At home I'm getting more and more fanatic in brewing my coffee's in all possible ways. And every week again I discover some great things. With some small changes you can create sometimes a totally different taste. Not always for the better, but off course I'm ready to take on a hurdle left and right.

It happens very often people ask me coffee brewing advice. Sometimes I ask them if they are happy with their cup at home. When they tell me they totally adore it and believe me, there's a huge number of people who can't handle the day without their morning cup and not only because of the caffeine, but also because of the delicious taste, I mostly advice them to stick to their routine. But if they really want to change or improve I'm very happy to offer a helping hand.

On the photo you see my new home scale. I have a precision scale at the bar, but now this one helps to note down the exact weights for the different ways of coffee preparations.

This all doesn't mean we cut the Barista Jams. A professional one we organise once a year. And for the Non-Professionals we will continue planning some, but less often and in a different structure.

Meanwhile keep on reading this blog, since I have a whole lot of Home Brewing news in the pipeline.
And click 'Jimseven' for great vids on Home Brewing. Perfect help. Thanks James.

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