Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cupping Championship in Belgium

Friday May 8th we'll have our 3rd Cupping championship in Belgium.

At the offices of Lion Products, Gestelhoflei 6, 2820 Bonheiden.
Start 10.30 am
Judge and Host is John Sherwood. Brewmaster Keith Collins and the Bunn equipment delivered by Limarc.

Caffenation is going to be represent by two Antwerp Barista's.

We did some practicing last two weeks already and hopefully soon some more at our bar and maybe one day at Efico, who delivered the beans and champs the last two years.
Hopefully our new Coffee Consulate cupping spoon is going to be a big help.
First I couldn't believe there were tasting differences with cupping spoons, till I tasted with this one...... Oh my!

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