Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Bar (Choq) in Town

Jens is a Caffeholic since years.
He was a guy famous for sitting hours and hours at our big table, drinking espresso's meanwhile working at his laptop.

One day we talk about his job and he's telling me he gets bored and wants to start something for himself.

One year later Bar Choq, Antwerps' first chocolate bar, is open.

What's my part in this project?
I've been giving Jens a helping hand in the very important Coffee part. Caffenation now is some kind of an Espresso bar with a lot of chocolate drinks. Bar Choq is the other way around.

The place feels very good. Good light, nice interior and Jens behind the bar ; a man you can trust and want to spend time with.
The espresso yesterday was fantastic!
Good luck with everything Jens, and I hope we can work together for as long as possible.

Bar Choq, Minderbroedersrui 64 (around the corner of Wolstraat).

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