Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bend that Blend

Due to the typical Latin American disease we see ourselves obliged to say 'goodbye' to our El Salvador part in the House Blend.

When the new crop rolls in, we are thrilled to see what quality comes in. This year we were very happy with the El Salvador Everest SHG, till ... July. Yes, already after 4 months we noticed a downfall in taste. Less detail, less balls and an upcoming jute-grass-straw taste that's very prominent now. And we don't need this.
We had the same problems with the Dominican Republic and Honduras in the past, although this last one seems to keep its taste longer.

Briefly, we rebuilding. For the moment with some extra Honduras, but soon with that fantastic Cerrado we stumbled on. For that one we fear for the same problem by ... March, but then the new El Salvador arrives.....

Sorry for the brief post.
I got to go now.
Soon more about the wonders of blending.

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