Friday, October 3, 2008

Kellogg's Cappuccino Cruesli

I found this Muesli in the local supermarket the other day.
I can't say I was waiting for this product, but bought it anyway. Maybe I was hungry?

At home I took a big bowl, some Kellogg's Extra Crunchy Muesli Cappuccino with coffee and chocolate taste, poored it over with cold whole milk and grabbed a spoon.
The mouthfeel was not very nice, as with most Cruesli's.
The taste of coffee came through, but not to my liking. Of course it tastes chemical and of course it's not a replacement for a cup of coffee and/or a chocolate bar. At least not for me.

The biggest disappointment were those chocolate coffee beans. First it took me 3 minutes to find one and then the chocolate was inferior in quality and nothing of a coffee bean inside. Nowadays you see these more and more, and sometimes they can be delicious, but this one ..... not!
A missed chance for the Rooster. Better stick to your local Roaster!

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